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De dansende eend

(ISBN 9789492161581)

Available in English soon.

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De dansende eend

Having dealt with the fear, imposed on me by the society I grew up in, that my future was incapable of taking the right decisions for me, I traveled the world in a state of pleasant amazement for years on end. I ended up in Andalusia, in Spain, where I hoped to realize my long-cherished dream to become a hermit.


In Andalusia, just before I became a hermit proper, a confrontation with the corrida was inevitable. Horrified, I fled to Morocco, where I fought a months-long battle with my future on the farm of two hashish-growing brothers. I lost that battle, traveled back to Andalusia, dived into the world of toros bravos, learned new facets of the concept of fear, and surfaced as a matador, though not before I had set my best friend free from a Zimbabwean prison.


De dansende eend will soon be available in English under the title Immaculate Perception.

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