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The law of non-contradiction …

Being Dutch, living in Austria, I learn that Norway has been liberated. No more corona measures within its borders. Also in Singapore, where vaccines for healthy people and children do not appear to positively contribute in the fight against corona, the government has shifted its focus. That focus, according to a minister, is now on reducing fear among the population and on expanding the health care system. In both Norway and Singapore, vaccines will be promoted among high-risk groups, but vaccination passports and discriminatory measures are out of the question.

The news is over a month old, I discover, and at least in Singapore the situation has already changed. Still, for a fleeting moment, I felt the way I imagine people in Europe felt when in 1944 their illegal transistor radio broke the news of the allied landings in Normandy, and… stupid, stupid, I blame myself. How dare I compare the world’s current corona situation to the Second World War? But eh… like Hitler once saw his Third Reich crumble, while stubbornly keeping faith in its success, some governments today – too many unfortunately – still keep faith in the possible success of the world revolution that is underway.

But maybe, it is more realistic to compare the world’s current corona situation to life in Europe in the Middle Ages. Like the Catholic Church, on pain of excommunication or worse, forced scientists to stick to Aristotle's teaching, wrong on crucial points, governments today enforce one COVID-19 teaching while proof of that teaching carrying weight in the fight against the disease wears as thin as the bible carrying weight in proving the existence of God, a comparison that makes my thoughts drift to a castle in the south of France and the bishop I met there.

The fire in the hearth warmed us pleasantly. The dimmed light bulbs in the chandeliers in the ceiling cast a gentle light on the objects in the baroque room we occupied. We were leaning back in our chesterfield chairs, the bishop's stockinged feet on an ottoman, his black suit worn with age. About seventy years old, I guessed he was, and he reminded me of a Latin teacher I once had. Our conversation was as fine as the Châteauneuf-du-Pape we drank, which changed when religion became the topic of that conversation, and after I remarked that I doubted religion and intelligence to be compatible concepts. The bishop looked at me and said, ‘That sounds like a contradiction, young friend.’

‘I eh… I don't believe in contradictions, Monsignor.’

‘What do you mean by that?’ his tone sharp.

‘Other than believing in contradictions, I rather challenge the premises that precede them. Usually, I discover that at least one of those premises is false.’

Again, the bishop looked at me, his eyes hostile. He lifted the book that had rested in his lap during our conversation, waved it threateningly in my direction, and said, ‘You dare suggest I am not intelligent?’

‘On the contrary, Monsignor,’ I had replied, which ended what could have been an enjoyable evening.

Aristotle’s law of non-contradiction has not yet been proven wrong, I realize, but contradictions rule our lives these days. An example thereof is that it has meanwhile been proven that people vaccinated against covid are at least as contagious as unvaccinated people, who should be vaccinated to keep them from contaminating people …

Hair of Moos the German shepherd sticks to my stockinged feet that rest on a box that serves as an ottoman, my right ankle still frighteningly swollen. An unfortunate landing under my paraglider some three weeks ago. Since then, I live on the couch, feeling angry with myself for the momentary lack of concentration that … whatever. Ample time to re-read COVID-19: the great reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, the book the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, in parliament, denies to know, while in an e-mail addressed to Klaus Schwab, accidentally made public, he criticizes the content of the book as a hopeful analysis for a better future.

Klaus Schwab is the chairman of the World Economic Forum, a lobbying institution financed by the world's largest corporations. Intellectuals, journalists, and politicians make up the non-financing arm of the WEF. The WEF suggests pursuing wonderful goals, but it only looks after the interests of its financiers, which is as logical as the board of a soccer club spending the club’s money on mowing the grass on the club’s soccer field, not on mowing of the grass in a municipal park. The problem now is that the world economy is hanging in the balance. Artificially, it has been kept going for quite some years already. The day the world economy collapses, the WEF’s financiers will be hit hard. From that perspective, it is not surprising that the WEF cultivates the global economic landscape for the benefit of its financiers, and beware: the WEF is an influential and powerful lobbying institution!

COVID-19 is the solution the WEF has been praying for, but COVID-19 does have some flaws. It only threatens a small group of people, and there are drugs that can protect that group without risk and at low cost. Shortly after that truth set in, the WEF, in conjunction with the World Health Organization, demonstrated its influence and power. Stirred up by the WEF, the COVID-19 outbreak acquired crisis status, and what followed, WEF initiated, is chaos. That chaos will increase over the next few months, especially in countries whose governments have the closest ties to the WEF, such as the Netherlands, and at the peak of it, the WEF will offer a solution: the definitive introduction of a personalized QR-code – our vaccination passport has gotten us used to it – digital money, controlled by one bank, and … oh man.

Misinformation, silencing scientists, curtailing freedom of speech of non-scientists, segregation, and the destruction of smaller businesses contribute to the orchestrated chaos. Over the coming months, I am afraid, quite some people will suffer financially. Segregation will cunningly be fomented, riots will increase, and inflation will skyrocket. But there's more. Why did America leave billions of dollars’ worth of weaponry in Afghanistan? Was it perhaps to further foment chaos by flooding the West with Afghan refugees? Anyone feeling nostalgic for how we still dared to think only a year and a half ago deletes the words conspiracy theorist from her or his vocabulary and, vaccinated or unvaccinated, poses a couple of questions more ...

Why is the off-target drug Ivermectin still banned in the West? As a protease inhibitor it acts on more biochemical pathways than the comparable drug Pfizer is about to launch. Why is health in relation to COVID-19 still a taboo? Why are government-affiliated scientists in different countries unable to draw concurrent conclusions when it comes to the fight against COVID-19? Why does journalism no longer properly function? Why is it, after a year and a half of COVID-19, that no country that disposes of a standing army has an ambulatory healthcare force on stand-by? Why should people that have nothing to fear from COVID-19 be vaccinated, even though it has meanwhile been established that vaccination does not negatively affect virus transmission? Why are governments still imposing measures of which has meanwhile been established that they have no impact on the spread of COVID-19? Why does COVID-19 not claim its toll in quite some countries we tend to call undeveloped? Why, after deducting COVID-19-related deaths does excess mortality increase in countries with high vaccination rates, and … Moos climbs on the couch and pushes her snout into my face. The animal senses my unrest. Since last Monday, healthy, COVID-19-comorbidity-free, but unvaccinated people are not allowed to leave their houses. Heidi left the house a few hours ago …

COVID-19: the great reset. Own nothing and be happy! The damage our gullibility, Klaus Schwab, his disciples, his financiers, his positive disrupters, and his global shapers have inflicted on us is great, but there is still a way out of this situation, and my mind wanders to the first time in my life I found myself in a situation of which there seemed to be no way out. In a canoe, I paddled from Malmö, in Sweden, to Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. My friend Henk Lux accompanied me in a three-meter-long, inflatable dinghy with a 4.5 horsepower outboard, which made it questionable who accompanied whom.

A storm kept us trapped in a provisional restroom in the harbor of Wangerooge, a German island in the Waddensea. The harbor, back then, was under construction, no one at work because of the storm. From the one window of the restroom, the harbor offered an eerie sight. For days on end, the howling of the wind, our conversations, instant coffee, and one book, Jim Morrison's autobiography with the sinister title No one here gets out alive, made for our distraction. One afternoon, we had had it. Against better judgement we put to sea. Within minutes, the tide dragged us in between Wangerooge and its neighboring island Spiekerooge and then to the open sea. The storm, hitting the tide head on, dispelled the illusion that our adventure would end well. Henk and I had lost sight of each other. As if in a trance, I fought for my life in an angry, foaming mass of water. Twenty-two years old, plenty of plans, but … out of nowhere Henk was there, above me, on the crest of a gray wave. He yelled something at me, and as his dinghy surfed past me, I grabbed its side.

Not many days go by without Henk being on my mind for a moment, high on a wave, his face contorted with fear and determination. Henk once saved my life and thereby proved the law of non-contradiction wrong; Henk loves life, has always done so, and risked it to save me. Fortunately, he only anecdotally proved that law wrong. I eh… I doubt today’s COVID-19 teaching and intelligence to be compatible concepts, and that is why there still is a way out of the situation we are in, why there still is a way to halt the world revolution that is underway. Read COVID-19: The great reset if you must. Better it is to read the books that are burned …


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