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If I were a journalist …

Over the thick layer of snow that covers this part of England, the rising sun colors the sky deep red in the east. Lonely, and happily realizing that I do less environmental damage than if I were driving an electrically powered car, I steer our postman Pat diesel along narrow roads that meander through the countryside and lead me through Christmas-lit villages.

Behind a window of The Swan, a pub across the old church in the village of Thaxted, branches of Christmas trees around its windows, I notice movement, and for a moment, The Swan and the Stanley thermos on the passenger seat have a go at each other. I smell the Christmas tree in The Swan, hear the crackling of the fire in the hearth, but choose the Stanley and agree with myself that I will not drink any coffee until I hit the A-120 for the last seventy kilometers to Harwich.

No traffic on the A-120. I unscrew the caps from the Stanley, clamp one cap between my legs, pour coffee into it, screw the second cap back on the Stanley, and surrender to the depressing feeling that overtakes me as the red spectacle I enjoy transforms into a gray cloud cover at a speed that reminds me of the speed at which the world transforms into a digital dictatorship. Even the snow is now gone, and I no longer travel through a Constable winter landscape but feel like I have become Friedrich’s Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer, who’s being sucked into Picasso’s Guernica.

I eh... I’m used to my radical mood swings, and I know that my senses will soon enough pick up something that makes me end up in a tiny vessel in which I row toward Monet’s Soleil levant. Right now, however, not even the smell of coffee makes an impression, but I realize that the gray cloud cover I blame for my mood swing bears no blame at all. Blame bearing is the looming threat that any of my border crossing trips could be the last such trips, now that the G20 in Bali agreed on collaboration on the establishment of trusted, global, digital health networks that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital covid-19 certificates.

The mainstream media overlooked what the G20 agreed on in Bali. Understandably, because the mainstream media were busy overlooking the excess mortality that plagues the world – though not the part of the world where people did not participate in a recent vaccination experiment. Excess mortality that claimed over 1600 non-covid-related victims in England this week – their age averaging half the age of the average covid victim – and that reached, this week, a record high of twenty percent in the Netherlands.

Man, I’m glad I don’t work for any of the mainstream media! Overlooking news, dawn till dusk, would mark me for a permanent depression. Take the news that more than ten percent of the Italian population carried antibodies to Sars-Cov-2 as early as September 2019. The Milanese, peer-reviewed research that leaves no doubt about that statement was published in a medical journal in September 2021. Dozens of questions with regard to that research I would, being a mainstream media journalist, in good conscience not ask because I overlooked the research and the shocking news associated with it.

Why, one of those questions would be, did no government-related medical doctor require a search for antibodies to Sars-Cov-2 in blood at blood banks, immediately after the official outbreak of Sars-Cov-2? Why, if Sars-Cov-2 was already sweeping through Italy in August 2019, was there no excess mortality in Italy that year? That excess mortality only became apparent in the spring of 2020, which would raise the question of whether the people who supposedly succumbed to Sars-Cov-2 possibly succumbed to an incorrect treatment of it. Did that conspiracy theorist Norte actually have a point when back in 2020 he referred in a blog to a study, conducted by the American CDC no less, that showed anxiety to be the number one comorbidity driving death after hospitalization due to a covid infection? Was there possibly more going wrong in hospitals? And did not a larger percentage of people than has yet been established die with covid, other than from covid? Wasn’t ... oh man.

Sars-Cov-2 was spreading around the world before August 2019, unless it originated in Italy. How, in that light, do we have to judge the overlooked Event 201, an international pandemic exercise, organized by the American Johns Hopkins Center in October 2019 in collaboration with the WEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? That exercise was necessary because an actual pandemic would require reliable cooperation among various industries, national governments, and key international institutions. And more pressing then becomes the question of how to judge the overlooked pandemic exercise Catastrophic Contagion, organized by the Johns Hopkins Center in October 2022 in collaboration with the WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – the latter three names, as mainstream media journalists keep overlooking, synonyms of each other. Ten current and former health ministers and senior public health officials from Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia, Singapore, India, Germany, as well as Bill Gates, grappling with how to respond to an epidemic located in one part of the world that then spread rapidly, becoming a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people. Catastrophic Contagion! Who came up with that name? Questions, questions, questions, and no answers, but, I would remind myself had I been a mainstream media journalist, giving answers is not my job.

A crumb of news, that Milanese research, which would have revolutionized our covid thinking, if, being a mainstream media journalist, I would not have overlooked it. Unfortunately, there is more news like that. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Twitter files, Volodymyr “Green Screen” Zelensky’s agreement with conglomerate BlackRock regarding the reconstruction of Ukraine, the figure 1 the WHO added to the diagnostic code Z28.3 in the International Classification of Disease – the International what? – or perhaps the most important news the past few weeks: the Cleveland study, one of the latest studies in a series of studies that demonstrate the vaccines against covid to be negatively effective.

Pain in my mainstream media journalist heart I would have while overlooking the Cleveland study, and overlooking that social media platforms delete the videos of the medical doctors analyzing it, my mainstream media journalist heart would break, I realize as I try to add logic to a changed traffic situation at a roundabout, avoid hitting a row of orange pylons, steering in the right direction in the nick of time, and discover that I spilled not a drop of coffee from the Stanley cap, which I just clamped between my legs again and refilled. I put the steaming Stanley cap next to the steering wheel in a holder in the dashboard, put the Stanley thermos on the passenger seat, reach for a container of the same brand, unscrew the lid, and take out a quinoa pancake.

The smell of coffee makes a better impression than it did ten minutes ago. It’s no soleil levant yet, but as if I look into the head-up display of a fighter jet, Monet’s Champs de tulipes en Hollande appears in the windshield, and I suppress a grin when the idea that our postman Pat diesel is a jet fighter reminds me of another crumb of news mainstream media journalists will overlook for some time to come: the news that owners of private jets search for pilots who have not been vaccinated against covid. And without it having a negative effect on my mood, the windmill in the Champs de tulipes en Hollande, which still adorns the windshield, brings my thoughts via some detours back to mainstream media journalists who twist their neck to overlook the scientists who explain why we should talk about a climate lie, other than a climate problem, who twist their neck to overlook the growth of the polar bear population, who twist their neck to overlook the sea levels, which won’t rise, who twist their neck to overlook that the world has become about fifteen percent greener since the turn of the millennium, who twist their neck to overlook that a possible excess of CO₂ is not a climate problem but an environmental problem – which cannot be solved by driving electrically powered cars, planting windmills, and eating crickets, because what saves the climate, according to the climate lie, is lethal to the environment – and ... heck, I don’t feel like a climate lie debate with myself and reach in a compartment in the dashboard for the book that is the reason for my trip to the Netherlands. The Caveman Code, published three days ago by a terrorist organization, which sent me an anthrax-free copy by mail.

I’m happy having finished writing that book. I’m happy with the cover the publisher gave it, end up in a tiny vessel in the harbor of Le Havre, row toward the soleil levant, and burst into laughter when the reality hits me that the Dutch government labels a publishing house a terrorist organization because it publishes books written by people who refuse to overlook what truly happens in and to the world today. No visits to mainstream media studios the coming week because of the terrorist status of the publishing house and because of my cancelled social status, but my schedule is filled with podcasts to which I have been invited. Being a guest in mainstream media studios, I usually got the floor for about three minutes, though sometimes ten minutes or even fifteen minutes. Podcast hosts grant me all the time I need, and eh… I look forward to being their guest …

Still, I tell myself as I just past Colchester pour the last of my coffee into the Stanley cap, it’s inevitable that someone, the coming week, will ask me where I get all the nonsense I talk about when it comes to for example covid and the vaccines against it. I no longer try to convert covid believers. Instead, I advise them to search on social media for the videos that escaped the censorship on them in which cardiologist Aseem Malhorta makes an appearance. Aseem was once the poster boy of the covid vaccination campaign in the UK. It was only after his father died suddenly that Aseem decided to delve into the studies on the efficacy and safety of covid vaccines that were back then already available, including the studies conducted by the company Pfizer. From the day Aseem based his opinion on science, his conscience no longer allowed him to be a vaccination campaign poster boy, and from that day, mainstream media journalists overlooked him zealously, which makes me think of Picasso, for didn’t he remark that art is a lie that makes us see the truth? No longer a valid remark in the third millennium. In that third millennium, we will not see the lie until enough mainstream media journalists regain their pride and refuse to overlook the truth any longer ...


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